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Tori Spelling Lied About Post-Baby Diet; Admits To Starving Herself

Actress Tori Spelling isn’t holding anything back in her new memoir “Spelling It Like It Is”.  The reality star and mother of four has been sharing shocking tidbits from the book all week and the headlines are a bit scandalous!  In her book (and in the news), she has been sharing about her financial woes, her stolen sex tape, her harsh views on a few celebrities (like Katie Holmes) and now she admits to lying about her weight loss in a major magazine article! 

Eight months after Tori gave birth to her son Finn she graced the cover of Us weekly, gushing about how she used healthy eating and low impact cardio to lose 45 pounds of baby weight. Now she’s admitting that it was all a load of lies!  She comes clean in her new book, confessing that she starved herself. 

The candid star wrote, “I really don’t exercise much, period. So I took off my weight the old-fashioned way. I like to call it the Just Keep Your F–king Mouth Shut and Eat Air diet. It’s all the rage. My publicist had given me clear instructions about what to say about my weight loss. Women didn’t want to know that I had lost weight through dieting, not exercising. I didn’t want to be the a–hole who didn’t work for it. So I said that I swam. It was sort of a bad choice. I can’t do much more than a doggy paddle.”

I realize that Tori is trying to sell her book, but one has to wonder – is she being a little too honest?  Is some of what she’s dishing out a little TMI that might backfire and harm her reputation going forward?  Does it make you want to pick up a copy of her book?


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