iPad Tablet Pet Pals by Dean Designs

Remember that iPad that you once thought belonged to you? Well, with the growing number of kid-oriented Apps available these days, it’s no wonder yours aren’t the only fingerprints you’re finding on your screen these days!


A couple of years ago, who would have ever predicted that iPads would become as common as they are today? And even though the iPad was not originally targeted for kids, with the astounding number of Apps that are now focused on kids, its highly likely that your iPad is being “shared” these days. And these Apps are not just for games and entertainment, but there are also many great educational tools too.

So if you find that your iPad is being carried around with you and your child more and more these days, check out any one of these cool iPad Tablet Pet Pals for kids. These fun and cuddly “pets”  function as an ergonomically friendly workstation in which to “dock” your iPad for viewing, particularly when you and your child are out and on the go. These cool tablets were especially designed and developed with kids in mind, by Dean Theodore of Dean Designs, who has 20 years experience as a Pediatric Therapist.

Any one of these cute Tablet Pet Pals will help keep your iPad safe and protected while in transit and some models can even double as a pillow for a quick nap and can easily be carried along with a strap on your shoulder too!