DIY: Glass Bottle Soy Sauce Bowls

sushiWe love sushi and with our sushi we love our soy sauce.

With a few common household items, you can make your own soy sauce bowls in a matter of minutes. These are so easy and totally customizable. Use them for any condiment or sauce you want to use as a dip. You’ll love them and they are really fun and fascinating to make! 


What You’ll Need:

  • Glass Bottles
  • Yarn
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Sink of Cold Water

glass jar

Cut a length of yarn and wrap it around the bottle with the lower part being where you would like the bottle cut.

DIY glass bowl

Pour some nail polish remover in a small bowl and soak the yarn in it. Then replace the yarn on the bottle and make sure it is where you want it again.

glass jar

Next to the sink full of cold water, and probably with a fire extinguisher handy, light that baby on fire! Turn it evenly over and over until the fire goes out. Then put it in the cold sink water and watch what happens!

DIY Glass Bowl

Awesome, right? It should make a totally clean break right above the bottom of the yarn.

Glass Bottle

It looks a little something like this when you’re done. I can think of a dozen purposes for the top part of the bottle, but the bottom was what I was really interested in.

Awesome right? I love my new soy sauce bowls. Enjoy!