20 Questions: Molly Sims Fills Us In

You have a new book, The Everyday Supermodel, coming out this month! Describe it in three words: Empowering, Inspiring, and Fun.

You were inspired to write it, because I’m always the go-to gal that all my girlfriends come to for advice. I absolutely love sharing all my tips and tricks. Every woman on the face of the earth wants to know how to look good and feel good every day.


By far, writing a book is WAY harder than acting or modeling.

Congrats, you’re expecting baby #2! We love how you shared your happy news. You chose to include your son Brooks in your announcement, because he is going to be the best big brother ever! 

You’re preparing Brooks for the new baby by talking about what a great big brother he’s going to be and how much we will need his help. Really engaging him as much as we can on how our lives are going to be different once the new baby arrives. 

We love the name Brooks! Your chose that name, because it is a family name on my mother’s side and my husband’s love of Brooks Robinson.

Pregnancy the second time around versus the first time has been overall easier because I’m so busy chasing after Brooks. You don’t have time to be tired. But the morning sickness was much rougher. I called it all day sickness!

As you prepare to give birth again, you feel much more empowered. I’m not nervous and I no longer have the fear of the unknown. I know what to bring to the hospital! I was so worried the first time around that I would forget something.

Your strangest pregnancy craving has been 3 hot chocolates in one go.

The thing that’s surprised you most about motherhood has been there is no longer freedom without guilt.

Raising a boy has been a blast so far. Boys are rough and tumble and have no fear.

You hope your kids love family and sense of adventure as much as you do.

But they better never move to Europe, which you did when you were 19.

You enjoy your “me time” by reading.

The best book you’ve read lately was Tiny Beautiful Things.

Your favorite date night spot with your husband is having dinner at the Tower Bar.

The best movie you’ve seen lately was Gone Girl.

Your favorite TV shows are “Homeland” and “The Affair”.

When you’re not parenting, modeling, or acting, you’re taking a nap.

Next, you hope to have a healthy baby and write a second book.

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