Ashlee Simpson Makes A Cool And Creative Baby Gift For Sister Jessica’s Son

Ashlee Simpson shares her unique baby gift for Jessica Simpson’s new baby boy, Ace.

Jessica gave birth to her second child a few weeks ago and her whole family is overjoyed about the new addition.  Aunt Ashlee went the sentimental and creative route when it came to choosing a baby gift, inspired by a cool project she made with Bronx. 

Ashlee explained, “There was this awesome thing that we made with Bronx. It was like cool, vintage shirts all made into a blanket, so all these things that represented his mom and dad. So we made that all into a blanket. Just cute stuff — things that represent Eric, things that represent Jessica, and you take the little vintage shirts and jerseys and make [them] into a blanket.”

That’s a unique idea.  I’ve heard of people making blankets out of their kids’ old shirts that are meaningful in one way or another.  I love the things representative of mom and dad idea.

Have you made anything similar to what Ashlee describes? Was it easy? 

Photo by Getty Images

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