Vanessa Lachey Wants A Lot Of Kids With Husband Nick

Vanessa Lachey dishes on the big family of her dreams.


‘Winter Wipeout’ hostess Vanessa Lachey, formerly Vanessa Minnillo, shares that she and husband Nick are hoping to have at least three kids – and soon. ““Three is the magic number. We would love to, ultimately, just have them be happy and healthy, but if I had a choice, I’d have two or three boys, then a girl. We both probably want kids more than we want anything else in life. We cannot wait to be parents and that to me is probably one of the most exciting things about him. I know I’ve got a great partner to help me raise kids and he’s going to be an awesome dad. So hopefully, God willing, I can give those to him soon.”

Vanessa also explains why she decided to take the plunge and take his last name:

“We talked about it and he was so sweet. He said, ‘You know, if you don’t really want it, I understand,’ But I said, ‘Would it mean a lot to you if I took it? Because I’m old fashioned and I want to.’ And he said, ‘What guy wouldn’t want their girl to take their name fully?’ He didn’t push me.”

Vanessa says that they are actively trying for kids, but not putting pressure on themselves about it: “I think once you set a timeline you start driving yourself crazy. At some point, you just kind of have to say what’s meant to be will be and it’s not for lack of us trying! It’s part of the fun of being a newlywed.”


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