Angelina Jolie, Bloack blouse, emerald earrings

Angelina Jolie Dishes On What Makes Her Feel Sexy

Angelina Jolie, Bloack blouse, emerald earrings

Angelina Jolie admits she's very fortunate for the way things are in her life.

During her press tour for 'Salt', Angelina shared with reporters that Brad Pitt is responsible for making her feel sexy.  "I think you feel sexy if you live an honest and bold life," "Maybe living life the way I've always lived it had something to do with that, but really, what makes me feel sexy is Brad. He always makes me feel sexy and desirable."

She also said that she has a lot of respect for everyday parents: "I'm fortunate enough to work just a few months out of the year, and I have the luxury of having Brad help out as well," she said. "I have so much respect for everyday parents."

Reporters asked Angelina if she'd be interested in doing a sequel to 'Salt'.  "We're leaving it up to the fans," she said. "If the people want another one, certainly we'll give it to them."

Have you seen the movie yet?  Do you want to see a sequel made?

Angelina Jolie, black mini dress sequined, black peep toe shoes, emerald earrings, Brad Pitt

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