CVS Includes Plan B Contraceptive in its Valentine’s Day Display and Feminists Whoop!

The future is now, ladies. In a very current and feminist-forward display, CVS set up a one-stop shop for Valentine's Day needs that, for once, speaks to the Single Ladies as well as the Happy Marrieds. Traditionalists can grab roses, the kinky can snag handcuffs, and the anxious can pick up Plan B emergency contraception (also known as the morning after pill), all conveniently located on one shelf.

Plan B—a pill that can prevent pregnancy when taken after having sex—has been available over-the-counter since August and while this emergency contraceptive still stirs up controversy, those of us who sometimes need a safety net are happy to see it readily available (and right next to the chocolates!).


Check out the Twitter pic snapped by a shopper of the CVS Something Sweet Valentine's Day display: