Easy Teacher’s Gifts

Last year, I lucked out. The class mom sent a little note home with all the kids asking each parent to chip in what they could and to add a cute little picture to be colored in. This year, I’m on my own.



I’ve compiled a list of a few easy, fun gifts for the teachers in your life—you can be sure the teachers in our lives are getting one or two.

1. Let’s be honest for a moment. There’s nothing better than a gift card to your favorite restaurant, book store, or coffee shop. You can treat yourself to something without a twinge of guilt. Your teacher is no different.

2. In the same vein as the gift card, treat your teacher to a movie night complete with tickets and red vines to sneak in her purse. Be sure to make the gift card enough for two so he or she can take a friend or a date.

3. I know, it’s not very PC to think our teachers might enjoy a nice glass of wine after the end of the school year, but a bottle of something sparkly could be a great way to help him or her celebrate the start of summer. 

4. Have your child write a letter to his teacher telling her how much she meant to him. I don’t know a single teacher who wouldn’t tear up at heartfelt appreciation from a student. There are a lot of thankless days in their lives, why not remind them how very important they are.

5. Pinterest is filled with crafty little ideas that intimidate. A simple one I saw on there not too long ago was a mason quart jar (because Pinterest  is overwhelmed with mason jars) filled with a small tube of sun block, a gift card to B&N, iced tea packets, a few seashells, and a note telling the teacher to have a fantastic summer break.

What are you getting your children’s teachers?