9 Classic Toys I Loved When I Was a Baby That My Kids Love Too

With four kids in the house, I sometimes feel like I’m living in a toy shop. We have a playroom packed full of all the toys you can imagine (and many you can’t!). I’ve found that there are a few classic toys that all four of my babies enjoy playing with time and time again, while others just sit in the corner gathering dust. I’m a big fan of toys that last, toys that will grow with baby, and toys that stimulate their imagination. Wooden toys always win hands down for our family over those bright, flashy, noisy plastic toys that people seem to like buying for kids lately.

Whether you’re shopping for baby toys for a gift or for your own kids, these 9 classics don’t fail on providing non-stop entertainment (and they wont drive moms bonkers with hideous noises and blinking lights). Check them out in the slideshow.


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