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Gone are the days where everything for baby screams "baby"—there is so much modern baby gear now. Whether it's a high tech video monitor or a space-aged looking high chair, I've rounded up some of the best modern baby gadgets and gear available right now.

1. The First Years Talk and Soothe Video Monitor – A video monitor may not be modern to everyone, but many of us (including me) didn't have one with their first baby. While they existed, I thought of them as unnecessary—until I had actually had a baby and realized how great it would be to see if baby actually needed me (like there was a foot stuck in the crib slats) or was just looking for soothing, without going in the room—these are especially helpful during and after sleep training!

2. Withings Baby Monitor – If you're looking for something truly modern, there are several options for monitors that work with your smartphone. I looked at several and this one has all of the bells and whistles, including displaying the room temperature (which is hard to find with video monitors).

3. Baby Brezza Formula Pro – This is as modern as it gets! Make a bottle without measuring, mixing, or pouring formula, and you can set a timer to have one ready for night feedings! I think I'll love this almost as much as my coffee maker. Even if you're breastfeeding, this is helpful for those who have to supplement with formula or don't have milk on hand and want someone to help by giving a bottle.

4. Nosefrieda Nasal Aspirator – This is another product that didn't exist with my first baby, and it's so simple! You basically suck the snot right out of baby's nose, and I hear it works really well (unlike every other aspirator or bulb I've ever tried). I can't say I'm excited to use it, but I'm happy it exists for when you need it.

5. NUK Fast Dry Bottle Rack – This may not seem necessary, but when you think of the number of bottles, nipples, and bottle parts that you'll be washing and how much space that takes up on your countertop, my excitement for this might make more sense. You can press a button and dry part of what you've washed while you wash more, and before you know it everything is dry (it dries 10 times faster than regular drying racks). No more bottles all over the counter and no need for big drying contraptions that take up space.

6. 4Moms Mamaroo Bouncer Seat – I've heard nothing but good things about this and am so excited to try it with my next baby. It reclines to any position, has five different motions to gently bounce and sway baby, and can play your choice of music or white noise. Plus it just looks cool.

7. Bare Air-Free Bottles – These new Bare bottles are as close to breastfeeding as you can get without the actual boob, making it perfect for breast-fed babies as well as bottle-fed ones. Plus, the design keeps air out of the bottle which means out of baby's tummy, helping with gas and colic.

8. Nuna Leaf – Looking for a modern-looking baby seat that is super portable? The Nuna Leaf has no cords, batteries, buttons, or noise, making it easy to move around your home and put it where you need it. And it isn't ugly and covered with tacky fabric or designs (which is so refreshing!).

9. Boon Fresh Baby Changing Station – Turn any medium height dresser (or your floor) into a baby changing table with this changing station from Boon. The hook makes it easy to hang a toy to keep baby occupied, and if a mess happens (or should I say when) you can just clean the surface instead of needing to do laundry or have extra changing pad covers. 

10. Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair – I love modern looking high chairs, and this one from Boon is one of the more affordable space-aged options out there. It has no cracks or crevices for crumbs to hide in, and messes wipe clean easily.

11. Bloombaby Fresco Highchair – If you're looking for the most contemporary high chair out there and budget isn't your biggest concern, this one is for you. It reclines to serve as a lie-flat newborn cradle as well, adjusts height so you can feed baby at the counter or table, and seats kids up to 79 pounds.

12. Photive CYREN Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – These make it super simple to provide baby with white noise or music in the nursery or on the go. As a firm believer that white noise makes baby (and me) sleep better, this is one of my favorite modern baby gadget must-haves (even though technically not baby gear).

Did I miss your favorite modern baby gear or gadget? Share yours!

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