Babylist’s Editorial Director Shares Her New Parent Must Haves

Babylist makes it easy to put together a baby registry because it lets you add anything from any store (from big box to mom & pop). You can also ask for things like home-cooked meals, help walking your dog, money for a college fund (or diaper fund…). For the latter, the money gets deposited into your bank account a few days after it is given via Babylist.

Given how easy and convenient it is, it’s little surprise that Babylist is huge. They had more than 8 million registry users in 2020, which means they have access to a ton of data when it comes to the most requested items. Karen Reardanz, the editorial director at Babylist, gave us an exclusive look at some of the items she – and the users at Babylist – consider must-haves.


See the top picks below!

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