Expert Approved Teethers To Ease Your Kiddos’ Aches

Don’t go crazy buying all the various teething toys on the shelf at the store! It’s very easy to do, especially when you factor in how cute so many of them are. According to Emily Silver, MS, NP-C, IBCLC, co-founder of  Newborn And Parenting Support, however, the things that teething babies end up putting in their mouths the most are often simple things you have at home. “Baby’s gums are sore during this process, so they love chewing, rubbing things on their gums and cool items feel nice too!”

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Silver suggests trying the below home items:

1) Wash cloth.  “Wet it, put in fridge or freezer and let them enjoy.”

2) Spoon. “Put their baby spoons in fridge so they can chew on them when feeding purees. Or, chew on them as a teether.”

3) Food. “Cold foods like applesauce or yogurt feels nice.  Cold fruit for older babies on solids to try: melons (watermelon, cantaloupe) peeled carrot or cucumber.”


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When you want to buy something here are a few of Silver’s favorites:

1) Fridge friendly: “Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys is a great option that you can pop in the fridge.”

2) Good shape: This option is really great since babies really love getting back there to their molars.”

3) Easy on the go: “This is one mom can wear and baby can gnaw on while you’re holding them.”

4) Get food involved: “I love this for kids on purees- it’s a great way to feed them, but they also can suck, chew, rub it on their gums.”

Note: If you have multiple babies teething, Silver says she would not recommend sharing teethers between kids unless they are properly washed and sterilized. “If you have twins, or two teething babies close in age, get them each their own and have them be different colors so they don’t get mixed up.  If you’re saving them for your next kiddo, make sure you clean them in between use- hot soapy water, some can go in the top rack dishwasher and some can be boiled/sterilized.   In terms of re-using, make sure they aren’t worn down. Over time some items may wear down, and you don’t want to give your kid something that is so worn they can chew it up- or have pieces come off, in case of choking.”

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