When Can Babies Drink Water?

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Image: Getty

When it’s hot and humid out it might be tempting to slip your baby some water, but it’s actually not something that should be done until after six months gestational age. When can babies drink water safely? Read below:

“As long as they are able to feed from the breast on demand, it’s not needed the first year in particular amounts as babies are able to get the hydration and proper electrolyte balance from their mother’s milk, or formula,” says Ashley Georgakopoulos, IBCLC and Motif Medical lactation director. “Water given too early in age or enough to replace/displace a feeding is dangerous territory. Their bodies are not equipped to handle additional water and dehydration can actually result, as well as calorie displacement.”


So while it may be tempting to give baby water, opt instead to spray their cute little hands and the back of their neck/chest with some Evian Facial Spray or a thermal water spray to help keep them cool in the heat.

If your baby is at least six month hold, however, Georgakopoulos suggests opening a cup to begin cup training without the strain of suction from a sippy cup. “This can be done while your baby is in the bath to avoid messes and let them explore!” She recommends starting with one to two ounces to practice with.

From about 6 months on, babies need 4 to 6 ounces of water a day, or just over half a cup of water. But ask your pediatrician how much your little one needs before your baby starts drinking water.

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