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The Best Baby Monitors To Add To Your Registry

Any parent will tell you that a good baby monitor can change the way you parent.

“It can extend our eyes and ears into a baby’s nursery, giving us the much needed peace of mind we all want,” says pediatrician Dr. Jacqueline Winkelmann, MD, FAAP. “What to look for in a monitor is a personal choice and parents should think about what is important to them. For me as a pediatrician and as a mom, having a ‘contact-free’ monitor is ideal; the ability to monitor your baby/child without any wearables is key for a few reasons. The main factor in the lack of monitor reliability comes from the fact that wearable leads (or socks, or belts) can come off relatively easily, contact is lost when baby cries or wiggles (and what baby doesn’t?), and they need to be replaced.”

That said there are many smart features that parents will find helpful.

Dr. Winkelmann says that best features to consider when looking at baby monitors include two-way radio, a secure connection (over WiFi or a remote signal), a high-resolution camera with good night vision, ability to see your baby from anywhere (work, travel, while baby is in daycare). “Also check the following: Does it alert you when baby wakes up? Does it have temperature/humidity readings, which can help create an environment for your baby that is conducive to great sleep? Does it have analytics, like sleep insights? Today’s smart monitors also include advanced features, such as breathing rate, heart rate and/or oxygen level.”

To kick off what can be a stressful purchase, we’ve rounded up some of the best baby monitors on the market right now.

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