What’re You Listening Too?

It’s no secret – teenagers are plugged in.  If aliens invaded, they would scratch their little green heads, wondering about the strange wires coiling from teenaged humans’ ears to their hips. 


Three Reads For May

It’s May – and maybe it’s the spring cleaning bug but I’ve been dreaming of cleansing my playlists.  Suddenly, the music I’ve been listening to all winter just feels too, well, wintery and I want some music for spring. 


Keeping A Family Song Journal

My daughter wasn’t much of a sleeper during her first year.  She slept little patches during the day, slightly longer ones at night, mostly attached to me like a hood ornament in the Bjorn.  And she slept when we played Jack Johnson in the afternoon, his On and On CD. 


Three Reads For February

It’s February – you can’t walk three feet without a storefront glinting with pink and silver foil hearts, chocolates, cupids.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Everywhere.  It’s kind of nice, actually.