3 News Apps for Kids

Children together at modern school

Kids want to engage in the world around them but most news sources can be overwhelming or boring for children. These apps offer safe and engaging news sources for young readers. Each app caters to different age ranges and offers news in different formats.



Articles featured in major newspapers rewritten for children. Thousands of articles accessible for free. Topics of articles include: poetry, current events, mythology, pop culture, space exploration and much more.

Age: 8 and up

Platforms: iPhone, iPad

Cost: Free to sign up, Upgrade PRO version available


Online Newspaper with 5 daily articles that cover a range of topics like science, sports, animals, and fashion. Each article has three reading levels to accommodate different reading abilities. All content is written with children in mind and reviewed by child psychologist who make sure sensitive information is presented appropriately.

Age: 7 and up

Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad

Cost: Free Trial, Monthly Subscription Options Available

MysticLand World Discovery

Set in the fantasy world of MysticLand, characters lead you on a learning journey of the world with new content daily. One of the features is the MysticPost that covers World news, Science and Technology, Business and Innovation, Animals and Environment, Sports and Entertainment, and a fun weekend column called the Mystical Multiverse.

Age: 7 and up

Platform: Android, iPhone, iPad

Cost: Monthly Subscription Plan

3 News Apps For Kidss