Parent Guide: Among Us

About Among Us

Among Us is a group game played online where crew mates aboard a spaceship work together to complete tasks before one or more imposters can kill everyone. The objective of the game is for all crew mates to fill the group task bar or eject the imposter. Crew mates can all emergency meetings to discuss suspicious behavior or vote to eject possible imposters. Meanwhile the imposter is working to quickly kill off crew mates without being detected and sabotaging tasks to cause confusion.

The game can be played with between 4 and 10 players. It is an online multi-player game so your children may be playing with strangers. However, there is no voice chat or open chat system. There is a 30 second chat during emergency meetings where kids may be exposed to mean or inappropriate content. There is no monitoring of the chats but there some basic censors that block profanity. Among Us does allow for people to set up private games which require a code to enter.


Platforms: Android &  iOS Devices,Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Platforms

Rated: E +10 (Everyone 10 and up)

Parent Guide

Best for: Ages 9 and up


Moderate Cartoon Violence

Characters are killed in someone violent ways however there is no visible blood in the game.



The Emergency Meeting Chat has basic profanity censors to prevent most commonly used profanities.

Mature Content




In-Game Purchases

There are a few in-game purchase like costumes and pets but nothing that will seriously effect game-play.


The decision to let your child play Among Us depends on your child’s age and their maturity. It is a easy game to learn to play and it may be beneficial to play together as a family if you are unsure if your child could manage the game online with friends.

Parent Guide Among Us Game