Beauty DIY Projects to Try (and What to Leave to the Pros)



We all have those hideous beauty DIY projects that have gone all wrong. It's a hard lesson to learn to leave some things to the pros when we are busy moms and sometimes can't make it to the salon. Don't be tempted, pretty mama. Some things are better left to the professionals, and sometimes we can pat ourselves on the back when we get it right. Below are some dos and don'ts in trying to jump on the DIY beauty train. 


Makeup for special occasions: Our natural beauty is our best beauty, but under some circumstances it is best to leave it to the pros. For example, family portraits, your wedding, or that time that you need to look like a million bucks. When pictures are involved, opt for hiring someone whom you trust and whose work looks natural yet clients look enhanced. Some say that makeup needs to be heavier for pictures but not always. Yes, you will potentially have lashes on and a bit more blush than usual, but your natural beauty should always be in the forefront. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable.  


Tanning: Self-tanning can be easily tackled at home. If you plan ahead, you can work with a gradual tanner that builds color slowly to avoid any streaking. Faster working formulas leave a bit more room for error but nothing that can't be easily fixed with some lemon juice. If you do decide to consult a pro, opt for an airbrush method. This will ensure the most even application.  


Waxing: This can be tricky, and if you are going to go through the pain of waxing any area you might as well get maximum results. I find that upper lip and bikini line self-waxing can be easier to do at home when you are in a pinch. Brows, though, are a pro must. Don't try and mess around with your brows and wax unless you have a ton of practice. Legs are best to leave to the pros as well. These areas can be painful and take a while. By finding a trusted pro you can get flawless results in half the time. For Brazilian waxes (fully waxed lady parts) definitely consult a pro. Some places that specialize in bikini and Brazilian waxes even offer numbing cream. No twisting my arm on the numbing cream! 


Facial treatments: With so many amazing recipes for at home skin treatments and masks it is a great opportunity to experiment. Wrinkle-fighting enzymes can be found in Greek yogurt, there's acne-fighting bacteria in honey, and ultra moisturizing antioxidents in avocados can leave skin in a happy state from the comfort of your home. Of course, a trip to the spa is never discouraged, but when wanting to save a penny opt for a luxurious home spa experience. 


Hair trimming: I recommend always consulting a pro when it comes to cutting your locks. In the case of bangs, no matter how tempting it is to trim them up quickly, don't touch. It never goes well. Even the slightest trim can go wrong. When using the wrong tools ( like kitchen or crafting scissors—we have all tried it ) you can leave your poor strands in despair. Pros have techniques that help keep our hair healhty and thriving and can help us freshen up without error.  

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