How to Rim a Glass with Pop Rocks or Jolly Ranchers

candied rim champagne flutes

The time for celebrating and toasting the year is almost near! Whether you’ll be celebrating with friends or with family, you definitely can’t skimp on the sips when it comes to entertaining.

An easy way to add color and sparkle to your party is to add Pop Rocks or Jolly Ranchers to your glass rims. Candied champagne rims are super cute and SUPER easy to do. No, really. Here’s how to rim a glass with Pop Rocks or Jolly Ranchers in a two-step process. From there, you’re on your way to pretty drinks to last you all night long. Er, at least until the bubbly runs out. 

supplies for candied rim champagne flutes


  • champagne flutes
  • small bowl of simple syrup (Boil 1 part water to 1 part sugar and cool.)
  • crushed Jolly Ranchers (or pop rocks will do!)


 dipping champagne flute in simple syrup

Step 1: Dip the tip of the flute in the simple syrup. Barely dip it. You only need a thin coat on the rim of each.

dipping champagne flute in simple syrup

Step 2: Shake off any excess syrup and let it drip back into the bowl. 

dipping champagne flute in crushed candy

Step 3: Dip the syrup-covered rim into the crushed candy, taking care to coat as much as possible. 

dipping champagne flute in crushed candy

Step 4: And boom! Set them on a tray to dry. 

candied rim champagne flutes  candied rim champagne flutes   candied rim champagne flutes   

These definitely sweeten up your sips. Customize the rims with specific flavors to match the drinks you’ll be serving. I chose watermelon flavor because pink is too cute to pass up.

 candied rim champagne flutes  

Choose a color scheme of green and red Jolly Ranchers to match your December decor, or choose a combo of pink and gold for New Year’s.

candied rim champagne flutes

These can be made hours ahead or right before pouring the bubbly. It’s a perfect way to toast the holidays with friends! 

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