DIY: Eye Spy Pack

Discovering new things is always important to children of any age.  Take this Eye Spy Pack on summer trips to keep them exploring in the car, or print out an inventory of treasures and have older children locate as much as they can.


  • 8 cups Kaliedoscope Rice
  • 1/3 yard clear vinyl (8 gauge)  **available in all sewing/craft stores**
  • Miscellaneous tid bits:  I used old party favors, abandoned game pieces, random household items
  • Sewing Machine and supplies


Fold vinyl over so it is double thickness and cut the two pieces into a 10"x10" square

Use 2 paper clips to mark your start/stop position for stitching, approximately 6 inches apart..  Do not stitch in between the two paperclips to leave an opening for filling.

Using a zig zag stitch at 1/4" seam, stitch around the entire pouch

Make sure to backstitch at each start/stop position

Begin filling the pouch with the colored rice.  I found it easier to use a funnel

Once it is about halfway filled, place your discovery pieces in

And fill in the rest with rice.  Your bag will look half empty, but once it is flat, the gaps will fill in

Fold top of pouch over and try to get out as much air as possible

Sew the opening closed with a zig zag stitch

Let the little hands explore!