Origami You Cannot Fold-Ceramic Origami by Ann Van Hoey


Ceramic Origami

We love optical illusions, especially when it involves tricky textures and materials. Ann Van Hoey is an industrial designer gone ceramic artist who takes paper to pottery, creating ceramic bowls in the form of origami paper folding. Check out her collection of beautifully crafted bowls that provide a delightful trick to the eye.

Ceramic Origami

Ceramic Origami

The super thin shape of the ceramic bowls makes them look like they're made from a thin, paper-like wood. Van Hoey calls this series "Geometric Study", creating unique shapes from cutting and bending the thinly rolled clay. The smooth bowl and natural color are just enough to show off the most important element: the shape. Be careful with these around the kids — they just might think it's paper waiting to be tossed!

Learn more about the artist, Ann Van Hoey, on her website.

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