Trick or Treat! Learn 7 Secrets About Trick-or-Treating Safety

Halloween may be a big treat for children, but as a parent Halloween can be filled with dangers as well. Keep your children informed of potential dangers to help them remain safe on all Hollow’s Eve. Here are 7 safety tips that will help provide the most positive Halloween experience for your child.

Safety tips:

1. Eat a nutritious meal before you venture out. Your kids may not feel hungry at 5:00 pm when the fun begins, but offering a complete meal, a sandwich or even an apple with peanut butter, will stave off nibbling on candy all night. 

2. Choose a route or neighborhood and stick to it. In the dark when kids are excited, it’s easy to be driven by impulse. Plot out a path, discuss it with your kids and stick to it for safety and fun.

3. Be Seen! Wear a glow stick, bring a flashlight, wear reflecting tape-Most likely your children will be walking around at night wearing a costume that is not easily seen, so make use of light and reflection to keep them visible to you and to others.

4. Travel in groups. Make sure your kids buddy up and walk in twos up to the homes for their goodies. Always make sure an adult is present and have cell phones at the ready to manage challenges that might arise.

5. Remain outside any homes. You wouldn’t go in a stranger’s home under normal circumstances, stay with this rule of thought even on Halloween. Only go in homes with which you are familiar and if a stranger invites you in say “No thank you” and move along.

6. Check the treats before you open or at them. In rare circumstances kids receive tainted candy. Tell your kids you wish to touch and check each item they wish to eat. Throw away any candy that is not sealed or packaged.

7. Avoid sugar hang-over’s by buying back your kids’ candy at the end of the night. Even a nickel per item will raise a bunch of cash for your kids. They can plan to save, spend and share their money leading to a successful spirit of charity and entrepreneurialism.

Halloween can be an enjoyable family experience. As the parent you run the evening and your kids are to do as you tell them if they want full benefit of the fun. So stay smart and in charge. Consider Halloween a time when your kids can practice thinking skills and good decision making while they’re having a ton of fun.

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