child scowling at homework

5 Tips to Get Your Child to Do His Homework Without the Hassle

With September right around the corner, many moms are already suffering from the back to school blues. For some moms, the thought of hassling over homework, tracking down lost assignments and keeping everything neat and organized is enough to ruin what summer has left to offer.


Fortunately, there are some practical and purposeful things you can do to minimize homework struggles come the start of the new school year.

Follow these 5 tips for establishing back to school homework habits that will minimize the hassles and headaches associated with homework time.

Have your child keep an assignment notebook

While many teachers require their students to have an assignment notebook, if your child’s teacher doesn’t, require it yourself. Having an assignment notebook allows your child to write all of his homework assignments down in one place. Having a folder that your child can put homework sheets in can also be helpful in keeping homework assignments straight.

Have your child empty his backpack

As soon as your child comes home from school, insist he take a few minutes to unpack his bag. Have a set place for your child to store his empty bag, lunch box, homework assignments and other school supplies. Having an inbox, and an outbox, can help you track what items are coming in after school and what items need to go back to school in the morning. 

Have a set time to do homework

Be sure to incorporate a set time for doing homework into your child’s after school routine. Some children do best when they tackle their homework right after school. Others do best after they’ve had a chance to have a snack and play. Consider when your child’s best time to do homework is and insist homework be done at that time each day.

Have a set place to do homework

Whether it’s the kitchen table or a special desk, have a set place for your child to do his homework. Be sure it’s well lit, free from clutter and that basic school supplies are within easy reach.

Have your child repack his backpack in the evening

Once your child completes his homework, encourage him to repack his bag. Having as much as you can ready to go the night before school will eliminate stressful early morning scavenger hunts for lost assignments and missing papers.

Homework time doesn’t have to be a hassle

Establishing consistent routines and clear expectations will help to minimize homework struggles with your child and get homework done on time.

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