The Perfect Swimsuits for Post-Pregnancy Bodies

The gorgeous glow of pregnancy is often followed by a long list of far less appealing realities that hit postpartum, ranging from C-section scars and stretch marks to leaky boobs and saggy bottoms. My son was born in late spring, putting me square into swimsuit season in tandem with a post-pregnancy, breastfeeding bod.

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It felt brutal, until I found the right swimsuit. And trust me, once I found it, there was no amount of money keeping me from buying it. It made me feel great, and I didn’t have to spend the entire summer far away from the beach.

For every problem area, there’s a swimsuit with a solution. Here are ten of the best swimsuits for post baby, each designed to fix and flatter a different part of your bodacious mom bod. Supersized breastfeeding boobs? Broad hips? Varicose veins? No problem! I’ve got the perfect suit to tackle every issue.

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