Comfy Clothes You Can Run Around in (Without Looking Sloppy)

My Sundays usually involve at least one rowdy playdate (my boy is 4), playing with sensory blocks on the floor (my girl is 6 months), three art projects (glue, paint, the works), and a workout at the Pilates gym (sanity) …before noon. Yeah, I’m busy. So I want to be comfortable. It’s tempting to throw on my old holey sweats from college. The baby can wipe her oatmeal on them, my son can spill his paint on them, and — OK, if I absolutely have to — I can go to the gym in them. But, instead of walking around in a look that says I’ve Given Up, I prefer a look that says I’m Busy…But Still Stylin’! So, my version of Sunday best is occasionally a casual dress but more often it includes a colorful tee, a scarf, and super comfy jeans or black yoga-style pants, like these:


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