Animal Prints in Fashion

Animal Print Mania: Leopard Prints for Moms

Animal PrintsHere's the thing about leopard print; subtle nuances can bring a leopard print piece from chic to a tad tawdry, so how do you make sure your animal prints are classy as opposed to crude? Make sure not overdo the leopard print trend; just wearing a little bit of animal print can go along way. For just a hint, try wearing a pair of leopard flats—these are very hot this season. Take a look at ou other animal print picks that have just the right amount roar for your wardrobe.

If you like dresses, this one is classy and doesn't reveal too much: Eva Mendes Collection Sabrina Shirred Front Tunic Dress; $69.95 at

Pair with your skinny jeans and booties: Rock and Republic Leopard Embellished Tee; $30.80 at

This skirt goes with everything from t-shirts to silky blouses and is perfect for work or play: Free People Chenille Skirt; $69.99 (sale!) at

When the weather turns cold, try this cozy sweater for style and warmth: Leopard-print V-neck Sweater, $25 (sale), at 

The leopard print is so subtle that you might not see it—style stealth is a winner: 1969 Leopard Print Real Straight Cords $69.95; at

Why stop style when you workout? These shoes are right on trend for your run: Nike Free TR Fit 3 Print Training Shoe; $100 at

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