Healthy Peach Recipes for Babies and Toddlers

Sweet, juicy peaches are a summertime staple, whether they are eaten raw, mixed into fruit salads or smoothies, roasted, or served with crostini and cheese. Peaches, like bananas and other naturally sweet fruits, can be added to recipes to replace some of the added sugars in your diet. Besides being delicious and refreshing, peaches are a great source of essential nutrients and vitamins such as potassium, fiber, vitamins C, E, and K, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, and more.

Peaches are an ideal fruit to introduce to baby due to their natural sweetness and mild flavour. Opt for local, seasonal peaches whenever possible, and always be sure to remove the skins as they tend to be rough and hard for baby to chew on and may contain harmful pesticides. A simple and easy way to serve peaches when introducing solids is to grate them. 


Don’t be afraid to add extra flavour by mixing peaches with fresh herbs such as mint, or a pinch of spice, such as cinnamon or ginger. Mix them with Greek yogurt and some crumbled sugar-free cookies and transform a simple snack into a tasty parfait! Once baby is accustomed to their flavour, you can take it up a notch by preparing peaches many different ways, such as roasting or baking them, which brings out the natural sweetness of the peaches. 

Here are three delicious and easy to make recipes that highlight peaches and their natural sweet flavour.

Coconut-Caramelized Peach Fig Compote Recipe


Honey Mint Roasted Peaches Recipe


Banana Peach Chia Smoothie Recipe


More Peach Recipes:

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