10 Movie Snacks You Can Make at Home (& They’re So Good)

We love movies. The kids, husband, and I have regular Friday movie nights all year long. We make it a priority to set aside that time to just have fun together. Forget errands, after-school activities, and the crazy pace of the week. We are all about slowing down and easing into the weekend. With such a regular movie-viewing habit, it’s just not realistic to go to the theater that often. Because here’s the thing: The cost of tickets, hassle of braving Minnesota blizzard-like conditions in winter, and limited family-friendly movie options at any one time make the whole theater experience more of a headache than a good time.

We usually opt to stay home, get comfy and cozy on our super-deep couch, and stream a movie or two. Of course, any good movie night deserves top-notch snacks, and ours is no exception. The kids always ask for popcorn. My husband likes nachos, and I want to eat sweets. While we could just go the classic hot dog, nacho, popcorn route, we like to experiment with fun toppings and unexpected ingredients for our food for flicks. Here, I’ve rounded up 10 movie snacks you can make at home — and yes, these ideas are even better than the theater versions.