Healthy Choc-Caramel Fudge Bites

  • There’s the recipes that you whip up and then let the results sit happily on your bench so you can take a nibble each time you walk past. And then there’s something so out of this world good you need it to be locked away in your freezer. Ideally with a code that you can’t undo unless all the kids are in bed. This recipe for healthy choc-caramel fudge is just that.

    Make these bites, store them in the freezer and hope-like-hope they last until the weekend so you can serve them up at a BBQ for your friends.

    Don’t be afraid to make a double batch. They really are that good.

    Healthy Choc-Caramel Bites

    Thank goodness these divine little bites are actually quite good for you!

    Prep Time:
    Cook time:
    Servings: 20


    • Raw macadamia nuts (or any nut of your choice): 2 cups
    • Maple syrup: 3 tablespoons
    • Medjool dates: 6
    • Coconut Cream: 4 tablespoons
    • Coconut oil: 1 ½ tablespoons
    • Salt: pinch
    • Dark chocolate: 150 g



    Step 1: Measure out all you ingredients and place everything except the chocolate into a food processor or high-speed blender. 


    Step 2: Pulse all of the ingredients.You want to stop it every so often and scrape down the sides, that way you get a nice even texture without any lumps. It will be good to go in just a minute or two.


    Step 3: Line a small container or baking dish with baking paper (mine was 19 cm x 14 cm). Spoon in the fudge. You want to do your best to smooth out the top and ensure the sides of the paper aren't crumbled, that way your fudge is a little more 'square' when you cut it. Pop it in the freezer to set for a good hour or two. Often, I'll leave mine overnight.


    Step 4: Chop the fudge in to little squares then melt the chocolate over simmering water. 


    Step 5: Toss the fudge in the chocolate and then place onto a lined tray to 'harden' in the freezer. I like to sprinkle mine with seeds so they look nice, but you don't have to.

    Keep your Choc-Caramel Bites stored in the freezer, they'll hold together better and boy they taste great really-really cold.

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    Images: Stacey Clare