Homemade Honey Jumbles Recipe

Cracking open a fresh packet of biscuits after school has to be one of the greatest treats ever. Especially if those biscuits are honey jumbles. I’m not sure if it’s the anticipation of whether you’re going to get pink or white or if t’s the deliciously spicy and soft cookie itself, but honey jumbles will always be a favourite.

What if I told you that you could make this homemade honey jumbles recipe in about an hour? That’s right, the dough for these guys comes together in about ten minutes, chills in the fridge and is then rolled out and baked in no time. They are then cooled (for as long as you can wait!) before dipping them in that gorgeous pastel icing.

It’s so easy to have the kids help you with this recipe while learning a few things along the way too. They can hone some kitchen skills like whisking and kneading, develop their fine motor skills when rolling the dough logs, or even practice some maths when measuring the ingredients and cutting equal sized cookies.

I bet you have all the ingredients for these in the cupboard to give them a try today! This is how easy it is:

Homemade Honey Jumbles

honey jumbles-1-4

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