How We Make Summer Camp Even Sweeter


Before school was out for the summer, I knew I would need to get my son involved in some kind of summer camp to help keep him occupied and learning and to keep my sanity intact. We have loved summer camp! The activities are great for him to keep his mind and hands busy and to keep him social and making friends, which is so important for him at this stage of his development.  After I found the perfect camp for him, I enrolled him and found out that we were supposed to pack a snack every day for our child.


Wanting to honor the fact that it’s summer, and summer equals FUN, I wanted to make sure that every day was a treat for my little guy. I started brainstorming ideas for fun camp food. S’mores came to mind, but they are too messy. Hot dogs also were on the list, but I needed something that didn’t have to be cooked. For must-pack camp snacks I am sticking with fruits, cheese, crackers and things of the like. But we can’t forget dessert—what he really loves!


Every day I pack a little Nestlé® Crunch® Girl Scout™Candy Bar for him, and every day he comes home thanking me! I love the small ones for him, especially—they are the perfect size for a nice treat. And it’s fun for me because I used to be a Girl Scout™ and have grown up loving the cookies. It just feels more camp-like to send some of these treats along with him.

My son loves going to his camp for a few hours every day, and I know that the Nestlé® bars are partially to thank for that. The limited edition candy bars from Nestlé® Crunch® come in the most famous and delicious Girl Scout Cookies® flavors: Thin Mints®, Caramel & Coconut, and Peanut Butter Crème. They all taste so much like the cookies, but in candy bar form!

As you probably know, the cookies aren’t always available to buy. So if you are itching for some Thin Mints® flavor, trust me, these Nestlé® Crunch® Girl Scout™ Candy Bars will do the trick! And the bars I include in his snack every day are like the icing on the cake for him. It’s been a very good summer so far!



This post was sponsored by Nestlé’® Crunch®