How Many Meals for Baby Can You Make from This Fruit Bowl?

For beginning eaters, those babies who are just starting out on solid foods around the age of 4-6 months, banana and avocado are super first food choices. These two fruits (yes, the avocado is indeed a fruit) bursting with important and vital nutrients for your baby’s development. The banana and the avocado are also the ultimate in convenient, fast food foods! Yes, a super nutritious and natural fast food, imagine that!

To prepare a banana or an avocado for baby’s mealtime follow these simple instructions:

1. Remove the peel (and the pit in the case of the avocado).

2. Mash the fruit mash into smithereens – into a nice smooth consistency that your beginning eater will be able to tolerate.

3. Add water, formula or breastmilk to thin the fruit if necessary.

For older babies and toddlers, a quick mashing, simple chopping or dicing of the fruits is all that is needed!

To make a more adventurous meal for your little one, add the following:

  • yogurt
  • applesauce
  • butternut or acorn squash
  • pears
  • peaches
  • whole grains such as brown rice, barley, oatmeal or even quinoa
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