3 Great Ways to Cook and Bake with Pumpkin

Here are three pumpkin recipes that I find to be really tasty and perfectly family friendly! Two of these are from right here on this blog and one is from my own where I’ve been baking with pumpkin all month. I hope you find these as tasty and fun as we do! —

1. Baked Pumpkin Mac & Cheese: Mac-n-Cheese gets a pumpkin twist with this gorgeous cheesy casserole. I can totally see serving this up for dinner on a busy school night or serving it at a party with friends.

2. Pumpkin Granola: This is our new favorite breakfast recipe. I love baking large batches of granola when I have free time and munching on it all fall long. It is even great for packing in snack traps and taking on the go!

3. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: And perhaps the simplest of all pumpkin snacks…..roasted pumpkin seeds with delicious spices are a wonderful healthy snack for kids and adults. Sprinkle them over yogurt for a salty sweet snack, or just leave them in a bowl on the counter to munch on the run.

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