Kids love this healthy fish fingers recipe

Kids Love This Good-For-You Fish Fingers Recipe

I’m a huge entertaining geek. I love to make entertaining as simple as possible – that way I’ll do it more regularly. I’m talking giant salads and mounds of seafood so that everyone can help themselves. It’s a really social and merry way to dine.

I like to do exactly the same thing for the kids, giving them a platter or two of their favourites that they can share and take what they like from. This is where my delicious and super-duper quick fish fingers come into play. My little guys prefer their fish without any crumbs (crazy, I know) but many kids relish a delicious, crisp coating and love nothing more than a yummy chip or two sitting alongside, right? So, it was with this in mind (in addition to my constant quest to cook ahead of time and whack meals in the freezer) that these delectable kids fish fingers were born. Make them up a few days beforehand and pop them in the freezer. That way you can have them ready to cook just a few minutes before serving. Pile them onto a tray and let the kids grab what they want. They are SO YUMMY!



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