Nut Free Bliss Balls

3 Power-Packed Nut-Free Bliss Balls Recipes

My daughter will be starting “big” school this year and my brain has been going wild planning what we will put in her little lunch box every day. With the fear of my child wanting “packets” in her lunch box, we want to try to stay health-focused and fill her lunch box with mainly whole food, homemade goodies. Every mother’s dream right?

A great, go-to snack that we’ve always loved in our house are bliss balls, or as my son calls them, “treaty balls”. You can pack them full of goodness and wrap them up in a little ball that tastes like a real treat.

I have created three very simple nut-free bliss balls recipes for you to pack into the school lunch box. Each recipe only needs a few ingredients, takes less than 15 mins to prepare and they are super-fun to make with your kids. When our children help in the kitchen with cooking and creating, they are more inclined to eat and enjoy their food. So give these a go; healthy balls that are portable, yummy, nutritious and importantly, school-approved!

With thanks to Kylie from Kidgredients for the fantastic how-to-make bliss balls video.

3 Power-packed nut-free bliss balls - APRICOT BALLS

All recipes suitable to freeze for up to 1 month.

Apricot and Coconut Balls

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: n/a

Servings: 18-20 balls


  • dried apricots: 1½ cups
  • dried coconut flakes: 1 cup
  • sunflower seeds: ½ cup
  • desiccated coconut for rolling


Step 1: Place all ingredients into a good quality food processor and process until mixture is broken down and comes together. Slowly add a little water if the ingredients are not sticking together well (about 1 tablespoon of water).

Step 2: Using 1 teaspoon portions, roll into balls.

Step 3: Roll each ball through the desiccated coconut and allow to set in the fridge.

Enjoy 1 or 2 as a snack. Perfect for school lunch boxes.

3 Power-packed nut-free bliss balls- CHOC BALLS

Choc Sesame Balls

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: n/a

Servings: 24 balls


  • dried pitted Medjool dates: 16
  • cocoa powder: 1/3 cup
  • sesame seeds: ½ cup
  • sunflower seeds: ½ cup
  • tahini: 2 tablespoons
  • pinch sea salt
  • more sesame seeds for rolling


Step 1: Place all ingredients into your food processor and process until all ingredients are chopped finely and mixture resembles a dough. The mixture should stick together well so you may need to slowly add some water (roughly 1-2 tablespoons) until the mix comes together.

Step 2: Using teaspoon sized portions, roll into balls and place into fridge to set.

Enjoy as a school lunch box power packed treat.

3 Power-packed nut-free bliss balls - coconut balls

Coconut Bounty Balls

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: n/a

Servings:  18-20 balls


  • dried coconut flakes: 3 cups
  • pitted medjool dates: 6
  • raw honey: 2 tablespoons


Step 1: Place all ingredient into the food processor and whizz until mixture starts sticking together. If the mix does not stick, slowly add about one tablespoon of water until it all comes together.

Step 2: Using teaspoon size portions, roll into balls. Place into fridge to set.

A great addition to any lunch box.

Nut-free bliss balls

Let me know what other fun and healthy school lunch box ideas you may have in the comments below.

Cass x

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Images: Cassandra Michelin / Video: Kylie Archer

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