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Skinny Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

This is one of my favorite winter soups, and my whole family likes it. (Which I can’t say too often because my boys can be quite picky.) This is a very special, super delicious soup that’s packed with flavor.  

Not only is this skinny cream of mushroom soup incredibly tasty, but while it’s super rich and creamy, there’s essentially no fat in it. That’s right, there’s no cream in this cream of mushroom soup—not even a drop!


Seems odd to call this a “skinny” recipe because, if you take one look at the picture, you can see instantly how luscious and hearty it is. However, it is—how about instead of “light and healthy” we say “hearty and healthy”? And it’s just as good the next day, so you can even make it ahead.  

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