Easter Bento Lunch Box Recipe

  • Your kids will feel super special if they open their lunch box to this fun spring and Easter bento lunch box idea! Everything is easy to make and fun to eat. If you don't want to make it a surprise you can even have your kids help you prepare the lunch so they can share how they did it with their friends!

    Easter Spring Bento Lunch Box

    Your kids will love welcoming spring with this picture perfect (and delish!) themed bento box lunch.

    Prep Time:
    Servings: 1


    • bread: 2 slices
    • ham lunch meat: 4 pieces
    • cheese: 1 piece
    • mini chocolate chips: 4
    • candy eyes: 2
    • pink M&M or round pink candy: 1 piece
    • strawberries: 2
    • boiled egg: 1
    • Mandarin orange: 1
    • small yellow candy like a Tic Tac: 1
    • lettuce leaves: 2 to 3
    • grape: 1
    • pineapple: 5 to 6 pieces


    Step 1: Line a double sided lunch container or bento box with a couple large lettuce leaves.

    Step 2: Make a ham sandwich with 2 pieces of the ham and the cheese slice between the bread slices.

    Step 3: Use a bunny shaped cookie cutter to cut a bunny shape from the center of the sandwich.

    Step 4: Place the bunny sandwich on one side of the lunch container.

    Step 5: Use small candies for the bunny's eyes, and a small pink candy (like Easter M&Ms) for the bunny's nose. You can cut two small pieces of ham for the bunny's inner ears.

    Step 6: Create a chick for your bento spring lunch by adding two small candies or chocolate chips to a Mandarin orange for eyes, and a small yellow candy like a Tic Tac for a beak.

    Step 7: Create another bunny by peeling a hard boiled egg and adding two small candies or chocolate chips for eyes, and two small slices of ham for ears.

    Step 8: Add the Mandarin-orange chick and the hard-boiled-egg bunny to the other side of the lunch container.

    Step 9: To make a pineapple flower: Add half of a grape to the lower center of the container below the chick and bunny. Place pieces of pineapple around the grape to create the petals on the flower.

    Step 10: Make strawberry roses by slicing thin slivers down the outside edge of a plump strawberry. Keep repeating all the way around, until there is only a small amount in the center, and several petal slices.

    Step 11: Repeat the process to make a second strawberry rose.

    Step 12: Place the strawberry roses in the lunch box below the bunny sandwich.

    Step 13: You can add a special note to your child wishing them luck on their day, or welcoming them to spring. 

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