Corned Beef Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

My family loves this festive take on your basic grilled cheese. It’s perfect for the weekday—I certainly don’t have time to tend to an entire corned beef brisket mid-week, but I buy thick-sliced corned beef from the deli to make these on St. Patrick’s Day, then over the weekend we go all out: I’ll make slow-cooker corned beef and cabbage, and we’ll have a proper St. Patrick’s Day (well, St. Patricks’ Day weekend) meal.

Whether you’re in the same boat and looking for a quick St. Patrick’s Day dinner idea, or you’re looking for a way to serve leftover corned beef, this is the absolute best corned beef grilled cheese sandwich ever. Corned beef, cheese, cabbage, and honey mustard between slices of buttery, crisp bread make for the most heavenly, easy weeknight dinner.

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