Candy Corn - Health Halloween Alternatives

7 Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Americans reportedly spend 2 million (hard-earned!) dollars on Hallween candy! This certainly can’t be helping America’s childhood obesity epidemic, and if you want to do your part, consider these healthier options:

1. Hand out individually-wrapped snacks. From Goldfish to fruit snacks, there’s an assortment of lunch box snacks that can double as Halloween handouts. In fact some big box stores sell snack-sized pretzel packs with Halloween inspired wrappers. Granola bars, cheese sticks, raisins, pumpkin seeds, and crackers also can double as Halloween treats. Remember, when it comes to handing out edible healthy alternatives to trick-or-treaters, be sure to choose foods that are individually wrapped.

2. Hand out Halloween-themed straws. Hit your local dollar store and pick up orange and black bendy straws or straws with pumpkins or ghosts attached. Scoring some of these favors, means a cheaper and healthier option for fun Halloween-inspired handouts.

3. Hand out removable tattoos. Most every kid would trade a piece of candy for a ghoul tattoo. Temporary tattoos provide all the fun without the sugar and they last longer than candy too! If you’re feeling inspired hand these out to trick-oe-treaters and even consider putting them on the kids right at your door.

4. Small, plastic novelty toys. You know those little toys you give out as party favors? They make great Halloween handouts. Plastic spider rings or neon glow sticks would be welcomed in most any child’s trick or treat bag.

5. Halloween-themed stickers. Stickers come in a close second to candy for many costumed kids on Halloween. A variety of pumpkin, witch, ghost and jack-o-lantern stickers will entice any child to knock on your door.

6. Feed your kids Halloween Deviled Eggs. This makes a great snack for the haunted holiday. A little creativity makes it look lik ecreepy critters are crawling all over your lunck.

7. Feed your kids Apple Pumpkin Buttered Toast with Spiders. These will delightfully disgust your children and get them to gobble up this healthy snack.

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