11 Simple and Tasty Ramen Recipes

If the mention of ramen noodles brings forth images of sitting in a college dorm room cradling a styrofoam bowl of instant noodles that you bought in a ten-pack from the dollar store, then allow me to re-introduce it into your life. These days, with no shortage of amazing ramen shops stateside, the traditional Japanese dish has been given life well beyond those dirt-cheap cups. Think: Steaming, delicious bowls of fresh noodles, soft-boiled eggs, hearty broth, and exotic veggies. And it’s easy to make at home.

Looking to make your own ramen? Ranging in flavors from bacon-and-egg to spicy Sriracha to vegetarian miso, these 11 ramen recipes far exceed the limitations of the instant soup version. Whip them up, and then slurp them down.


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11 Simple and Tasty Ramen Recipes

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