Asian Style Salmon Parcels

Asian-Style Salmon Parcels With Lemon Rice

My son loves being served his own little parcel for dinner. These salmon parcels are a favorite meal in our home and perfect for busy families. They are quick, healthy and practically impossible to overcook, and if you serve the dish in the paper, there is hardly any clean up. Winning!

By cooking the fish in paper or en papillote, it seals in the moisture and flavor and you end up with delicious, moist fish.

I have added baby bok choy but use whatever vegetables you like, just be sure to choose veggies that will cook in the time period.

Our favorite ingredients to add are: snow peas, asparagus, zucchini and shaved fennel.  And of course you don’t have to use salmon for this recipe. Any white fish will do.

Try adding tomatoes, spinach, olives, lemon slices and thyme for a Greek vibe or better still, let the kids build their own version – they are much more likely to eat it that way…



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