13 Delish Baked Chicken Drumstick Recipes You’ll Make Again & Again

One of my favorite go-to staples for a family dinner are chicken drumsticks. Even better? Baked chicken drumsticks. They’re healthy, easy to make, kids can pick them up instead of fiddling with knives and forks, and economical. Although growing up I was always partial to a simple baked chicken drumstick without much pizazz, times are changing! There are so many mouthwatering options out there, and it’s a fun challenge (most of the time) to see what the kids will eat. When they’re feeling adventurous they absolutely love sweet and sticky drumsticks (warning: keep a box of wipes nearby to clean up messy hands and mouths!).

Yes, baked chicken drumsticks are near perfect, from prep time to flavor. I’ve put together a list of some of the best baked chicken drumsticks recipes out there — some exotic, some decadent, and all delicious. If you’re in search of new dinnertime classics, look no further than these awesome baked chicken drumstick recipes.

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