Easiest Dill & Ranch Deviled Eggs Recipe

Ahh, it’s summer. We’ve been hitting the pool, pretending to grill out in our apartment, and heading out to parties and picnics galore. It’s all been so much fun, except for the pesky fact that about fourteen minutes before we’re set to head out the door it hits me: We should probably bring something—-other people are going to want to eat—and I can barely cook.

Now, this would normally be a problem, but deviled eggs are back in fashion (thank you Cooking Gods). They’re easy to make and take only a couple ingredients, which you probably have around the house. Of course, I like to amp things up by mixing in and garnishing with fresh dill so it looks like I know what I’m doing. To make sure the party is fully swooning over them, I’ll also add a little Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dips Mix because, duh, ranch makes everything taste better.

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