6 Perfect Picnic Salads That Can Withstand the Summer Heat

Looking for a lighter, fresher summer recipe for lunch or dinner? Why not dig into a crisp, cool summer salad and take advantage of fresh, seasonal ingredients? Healthy picnic salads are my favorite way to incorporate greens and veggies into my family’s diet and are a healthy option for a picnic-friendly family meal.

Today I’m sharing six of my favourite summer salads.  From simple veggie-based salads to hearty grains, these salads are packed with flavour and wholesome ingredients. Better yet, all of these salads are easy to prep ahead of time—you can mix them directly in their serving containers, then grab ‘n’ go when you’re headed out.

This summer salad collection will have you inspired by seasonal ingredients and change your perception of the simple, traditional (and sometimes, boring!) salad.

More Summer Salad Recipes:

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