5 Baby-Friendly Healthy Soups & Stews for Winter

‘Tis the season for warm, hearty comfort foods. What better way to enjoy the cold winter months than with fresh, nutritious, and family-friendly one-pot wonders! Soups and stews are an easy way to incorporate veggies into mealtimes and introduce baby to a variety of flavours all at once. Babies love soups and stews for the range of flavours and textures they offer them. 

These recipes are easy to make and easily modified for baby; simply serve chunky to toddlers and adults, and puree baby’s portion. Making homemade soups and stews allows you to personalize any recipe with baby’s favourite veggies, proteins, and herbs. Preparation is simple and cooking time is under an hour—just prepare your choice of veggies, combine the ingredients in a large pot, and let the flavours simmer and blend. Then serve!


Soups and stews lend well to experimentation and are also very forgiving as you can modify any recipe to suit your taste. Blending different ingredients creates an explosion of flavour in baby’s mouth and encourages them to develop their palates. When combined with other ingredients, spices tend to be less pungent and, instead, complement the other ingredients. 

Above are some wholesome, delicious, easy-to-make soups and stews for winter, packed with flavour and a variety of textures that baby is sure to love!

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