Easy Summer Dinner Recipes For Your Family

Take advantage of lazy days that roll into long evenings with our top 5 Easy Summer Dinners. With these recipes you will make sure your family is eating healthy meals without you having to spend all day in the kitchen. 


1. Easy Caprese Salad

This pasta salad is quick to make and is a delicious dinner, plus, it’s super yummy the next day for lunch.

2. Grilled Fish Sandwich

I love fish and in the summer a great alternative to burgers is a grilled fish sandwich. 

3. Chicken with Orzo and Feta

This pasta dish is great because it is delicious hot or cold. I make a double batch so we have extra for lunches or another dinner.

4. Mini Cheeseburger

To me nothing says summer like a burger. I love these mini cheeseburgers because you can add variety to your burgers in small bites.

5. Mud Pie

While most of the summer dessert for us consists of berries sometimes I like to add a little surprise in. This Mud Pie is to die for and so simple to make. 

Happy Summer Eating!

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