Thanksgiving Leftovers Quesadilla Recipe

I like the day after Thanksgiving even better than Thanksgiving itself! Why? One word: leftovers. I love using all these delicious fall foods to come up with creative recipes for after-holiday snacking. This Thanksgiving Quesadilla Recipe has all the flavors of my scrumptious Thanksgiving dishes in every bite. Best of all, it's flexible so you can incorporate your fave fall flavors!


prep time: 5 minutes

cook time: less than 5 minutes

servings: 1



Step 1: Coat a small saute pan with some olive oil.

Step 2: Spread the Apple Pumpkin "Butter" on the tortilla and place it in the pan. Turn the stove's heat to medium and sprinkle the cheese on top all over the open-faced tortilla. 

Step 3: Add the cranberry sauce to only half of the tortilla, so you have a half-circle. On top of the cramberry sauce, add the slaw, the turkey slice, and the spinach leaves (again, keep these ingredients on only half the tortilla). 

Step 4: Once the cheese has melted (about 2 minutes) fold over the tortilla. Eat and enjoy!

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