Pear and Sultana Crumble Recipe

Yummy Pear and Sultana Crumble Recipe (it’s Super-Easy Too!)

There is no better way to end a meal than with a delicious baked dessert. This Pear and Sultana Crumble recipe is the perfect simple dessert which your whole family will enjoy and the kids won’t even mind that they are eating fruit for dessert. This recipe is also budget-friendly, as you simply need a few pantry staples and can make the most of inexpensive pears while they are in season (good varieties right now include Beurre Bosc and Packhams Triumph). 

I think this Pear and Sultana Crumble is perfect served on its own (especially for the little kids) but for special occasions I’ll add a scoop of vanilla ice cream of drizzle it with warm homemade custard.  I usually make this crumble in a large baking dish to share, however you can also divide the mixture into individual ramekins which makes serving it even easier and best of all there will be no fights over who has a bigger serve – well, hopefully not anyway!


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Pear and Sultana Crumble recipe - budget-friendly and delicious

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