Gluten-Free Brown Butter & Bourbon Cupcakes Recipe

A fluffy brown butter cake brings me right back to my childhood. There’s something special about the smell of it baking and enjoying bite after bite of a buttery spice cake. To bring my childhood to the here and now, I created a homemade bourbon frosting to pair with the cake. That’s right, we’re baking with booze! These cupcakes are perfect for the Kentucky Derby, and all bets are on you earning a coveted “Best Dessert” award at any celebration.

I started these bourbon cupcakes by adding a flavorful browned butter and my favorite combination—cinnamon and sugar—to a basic gluten-free cake mix. Don’t worry, browning butter is easier than it sounds. There’s a first for everything, and this recipe was my first frosting from scratch. It’s almost too delicious, and I found that the best part about making a bourbon frosting is the taste testing. Which can lead to a party before the baking is finished.

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